«There is hysteria about online advertising in Brussels these days»

Lederen i IAB Europa, Townsend Feehan, går hardt ut mot EUs styrende politikere i nytt blogginnlegg.

«The mood risks ushering in new rules on electronic privacy that will penalise European citizens – and potentially European democracy – in unexpected ways.  This statement may be dismissed by some as self-serving alarmism – a disingenuous ratcheting up of the rhetoric to achieve a lobbying aim.  But it is not.» skriver IABs daglige leder, Feehan.

Hun mener EUs revideringer av personvern- og cookie-lovverket vil få store konsekvenser for deler av bransjen:

«The impact will be most dramatic on regional outlets – large national media and, ironically, smaller metropolitan or niche publications will be relatively better-placed to survive.  The risk of media concentration, something one might have thought that the very structure of the Internet would have consigned to the dustbin of history, will be aggravated.» skriver hun.

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