Koble din innholdsmarkedsføring til salgsprosessen

Country Manager i Strossle Norway, Rickard Lawson, gir oss noen tips i arbeidet med innholdsmarkedsføring i sitt nye blogginnlegg.

«This little «guide» is not meant as a definitive content strategy, but gives you a clear overview of the benefits of the major distribution alternatives. There is however one thing we believe very strongly that you should keep in mind: When you make the effort to create those receptors to improve your service, that audience is worth a lot less if it’s built around presence outside your own universe. If all your data points belong to someone else, you will never truly learn what makes your audience tick. And if your online presence is built on someone else’s platform – you will always be reliant on them for improvement. Host your own content and keep value creation close to home. Native, Social and Search – they should all be seen as distribution methods to bring your audience to you.»

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