IAB Europe Industry Insider with PubMatic – State of Online Video Advertising in Europe

Dato: 15. mars 2022

Webinar Tuesday 15th March at 12:00 CET

The European Online Video (OLV) market is seeing rapid growth. In Europe, it now commands nearly 40% of all display spend and is the fastest-growing segment within social. Innovations in this space, such as advancements in video quality, mean that this growth will only continue. The market is, however, fragmented, due to several factors including media consumption habits, regulation, and media trading cultures.

In this Industry Insider webinar with PubMatic, they share the insights from the new research ‘State of Online Video Advertising in Europe’ and shed some light on formats and the factors affecting buying decisions in the online video programmatic space today. You also hear from a panel of experts about how agencies and publishers navigate the video ecosystem and share some predictions for the next 12 months.


Anabella Chiossone, Global Head of Operations at Genius Sports

Katie Coteman, VP, Advertising and Partnerships at Discovery

Bill Swanson, EMEA Strategy Lead at IRIS.TV

Jaidev Kakar, Director of Advertiser Solutions, CTV and OTT

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